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this is some super high school level MRA bullshit man.


I have a confession to make 

Smash Bros Direct 4.8.14

My honeyboo Midna is in as an AT. I’m in happy tears now. But I must say, the exclusive content to 3DS is interesting, the online competent is a lot better both fun and competitive (hopefully the Internet will fair a little better but won’t get my hope too high for that), aside from Midna, the ATs were epic (dat Dark Samus), items and Pokemon seems good (new lulz for X-Bombs; might use items more), custom move sets, and so much more. Yeah, I guess I’m wasting 90 dollars when it comes out.

And that Greninja shocker…MIND. BLOWN. I didn’t expect him to pop in there. I thought Mewtwo was that secret character, but then he popped out with that Water Shuriken. Yeah, I think Sakurai has really improved this time. Sadly no release date, but that’s ok. I’ll need to save up for life anyways, but this is totally a buy for me. Already my wish came true and I’m just waiting for a release date to prepare for it. Can’t wait to see more I guess.

Alright, I need to calm myself and don’t get too hyped up. Whew. Good stuff.